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A Rant About The 2024 Tech Job Market

Famous "developer influencer" Theo "t3gg" Browne gives a rant on the current state of the tech job market

Famous "developer influencer" Theo "t3gg" Browne gives a rant on the current state of the tech job market

In a recent video, a tweet sparked a conversation about the state of the tech job market, prompting reflection on its challenges and nuances. The tweet in question pointed fingers at vocal developers and questioned whether the tech job market truly sucks or if it’s inundated with unqualified applicants airing grievances about life’s unfairness.

Regardless or not if the tweet was intentionally provocative or not, Theos’ insights into the current tech job market was a horrifying eye-opener.

The Math

Theo lays out some pretty staggering statistics regarding layoffs (according to layoffs.fyi):

  • 2022: 165,269 employees laid off across 1,064 tech companies
  • 2023: 263,180 employees laid off across 1,191 tech companies
  • 2024: 58,499 employees laid off across 237 tech companies

Some Brutally Honest Quotes From Theo

There are so many people hunting and so few roles available that when there is one publicly visible that’s open for applications, you’re throwing your resume into a pile of shit, literally. And it’s not a small one, it’s a massive one. There’s a giant pile of actual shit that your resume is just getting tossed into and the chances that people even get to your resume, much less give it a thorough, real review is effectively at zero.

Things have never been harder than they are right now. I would not have been able to get a job in this economy. I, actually think I would have struggled immensely.

So anybody who’s saying getting a job right now is a skill issue they can fuck off. Getting a job sucks right now, experienced or not.

Watch Theo’s video here

What Next? What Can I Do About This?

When I was in the same position I needed to use anything I could that helped my job search, which is why I had originally created TrackMyApps. It was a tool that I built for myself which allowed me to organize my applications and helped me stay on top of application deadlines.

I’ve since released it to the public after receiving feedback on how helpful it is for jobseekers. We are currently offering a free trial for an entire week.

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